The mom wonders why the baby only eats vegetables with dad. So her husband films himself while feeding and a few things become clear to her.


This cheeky toddler is going through his rebellious phase and refuses to eat his pureed vegetables. His mom just can’t seem to manage to make vitamins appeal to him. BUT funnily enough with dad, it never seems to be a problem and he finishes his meal every time! So the dad decides to film himself to show his wife his very special feeding trick:

There is no need for the typical lines like, “Here comes the airplane!” or “Open up wide for the choo choo train!”. The dad’s persuasive technique lies in his impressive singing voice and a slightly modified version of the classic soul song, “Lean on Me”. While he sings, «Green on beans, green on your soul. I’ll be your friend, I’ll feed you vegetables. For it won’t be long, before you’re gonna need some green beans to feed on,» his son happily consumes every last bit of his vegetables. My hat goes off to this dad’s power of persuasion!