The Internet Can’t Seem To Solve This Puzzle


There are plenty of images that stump the internet — remember the blue-vs.-white-dress debacle — but sometimes these puzzles are a little more straightforward and just require some good old math skills.

Some of these viral problems seem quite obvious, and it can be perplexing how others can’t figure it out, but some brain teasers do take the web by storm, leaving people scratching their heads and unable to agree upon the correct answer.

One such puzzle recently made the rounds, and when this math problem first went viral on social media, only 1 in 1,000 people could figure it out.

Do you think you can beat the odds and be one of the few who can solve the problem yourself? Check out the puzzle that’s stumping the internet below.

If you’re really stumped and it’s driving you crazy, you can find the answer, along with a brief explanation of how to solve it from Providr.

You’ll have to solve it a little differently than you might think, but once you understand the pattern, it all makes sense.


Sometimes, things are simpler than they actually look, but you should be impressed if you figured it out yourself the first time around!

How Many Girls In This Picture?
Ready for another brain teaser already?

Check out this Instagram photo, which is really just a puzzle!

The photo was submitted by Tiziana Vergari to the #WHPidentity Instagram photo contest, where people were asked to submit pictures celebrating individuality.

There’s been a big debate over the correct answer: People have guessed a wide range from two through 12 girls.

We are still waiting on the official answer from Vergari, though she has posted a few hints in the caption of the photo.


However, when you consider the use of mirrors, we have a hunch as to the answer.

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