The Indonesia ‘Sea Monster’ Has Finally Been Identified



Humans have inhabited the majority of the land mass located on Earth. But approximately 71 percent of this planet is covered with water and we know practically nothing about the vast oceans. On an annual basis, new species are discovered from the depths of the sea and more and more information can be gleaned from diving into the deep seas. From weird and unique microbes that can live in practically no light to fish that have their own personal lanterns, these are just a few of the creatures that have been discovered in recent years.
So when a ‘sea monster’ surfaced on the shore of an Indonesian island it definitely caught the attention of the world. Up until recently, no one knew what it was and many speculated that it was a new species or a giant squid. Now, thanks to the scientific first responders at the scene, we’re closer to discovering what it actually is.

The monster was allegedly discovered by a 37 year old local named Asrul Tuanakota. The giant animal was found off the coastline of Hulung Beach on the Indonesian Seram Island.

The ‘monster’ was so large that Arul originally thought it was a grounded boat that was stranded near the coastline.

But upon closer inspection, the only thing about the beast that resembled a ship was its size.

At the time of its discovery, it was already decomposing. Some theorists and biologists began speculating how long it had been there for, what caused its death, and what it truly was.