The Homeless Man Who Helped The Victims Of The Attack In Manchester Is Going To Get An Apartment!


A homeless man who helped to treat the victims of the terrorist attack in Manchester on Monday night during a Ariana Grande concert, will soon have a roof over his head after he was recognized for his heroism.

Stephen Jones, aged 35, was sleeping near Manchester Arena when he heard a giant blow quickly followed by the screams of the crowd. The concert attendees, including the little children, were running away from the stadium, some of them bloodied. Instead of running away from the place, Stephen said he went there to help.

« Just because I’m homeless doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart and I’m not human anymore », he said to a reporter after the attack. « They needed help. I like to think that someone would come if I needed help ». Stephen helped to remove the glass and other fragments from the victims’ faces, arms and legs.

« It is only instinct that pushes one to go and lend a hand if anyone needs your help », he said.

His story went around the world, which led to a fund raising on line to allow him to find a roof. Since Wednesday, the JustGiving account, created by a woman from Manchester called Diane Moore, has already collected more than $27,700.

His selfless act has also caught the attention of the official of a local football team — West Ham FC. Cochairman David Sullivan and his son, Dave Sullivan Jr., have announced Wednesday that, after a successful hunt to find Stephen Jones, they had awarded him six months of rent. They also plan to help him find a job and to provide him with additional money for clothing and other essential supplies.