The 8 Most Interesting Things to Do in the Czech Republic


One of the most famous reasons the Czech Republic attracts its tourists is the amazing historic towns and architectural monuments. Its Gothic architecture was first established in the Late Middle Ages and buildings from the 13th century are still standing strong. There are so many examples of great Gothic architecture in the country, like The Church of the Teplá Abbey and the Convent of St. Agnes, that a trip just to see all of them is reason enough. Let’s see the top 8 things a tourist can and must do when visiting the Czech Republic.

1. Nationale-Nederlanden building

Known as The Dancing House, this is a famous piece of contemporary architecture, where you should definitely go for one of your meals. It houses the well-known Celeste restaurant.

2. Olomouc

Olomouc is a Medieval University in the city of Moravia and it is simply a ‘must’ if you travel to the country. Many of the monuments there are protected by the UNESCO stamp.

3. The Theological Hall at Strahov Monastery

Giovanni Domennico Orsi, an Italian architect, designed the building of the library in the 17th century and the theological hall especially is the gem of the entire building.

4. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the world and the most popular in the Czech Republic. It was ordered by King Charles IV and its construction finished in the 15th century.

5. Karlovy Vary aka Carlsbad

This famous spa town has many hot springs, which are highly beneficial. People who want to treat themselves for their own special reasons visit the town just for this purpose.

6. Vila Tugendhat in Brno

The Bauhaus style is dominant in Brno, which is a very important city culturally. Vila Tugendhat is undeniably its most noticeable and commendable piece of architecture.

7. Hit the pubs

Czech beers are famous all around the world and local brands will amaze beer enthusiasts. Get to know the craft of Czech beers by hitting some small and not very busy pub.

8. Church of Our Lady Before Týn

This magnificent example of Gothic architecture is an unmistakable Old Town landmark and an unmissable tourist attraction is the Czech Republic.
For more information on the landmarks and additional places to visit when in the country, you can go here and find out everything about tourism in the Czech Republic.