Teen Spends 45 Minutes Trying To Reel In Tuna, Then Realizes Fish Weighs 835 Pounds


When I was younger, I used to go fishing with my grandfather. I was never good at it, but I was able to appreciate the sport — even though I could never catch anything larger than my hand.

But there are people who take fishing very seriously, who spend hours out at sea hoping to make a remarkable catch.

And not long ago, that remarkable catch came in the form of an 835-pound tuna, caught off the coast of Louisiana. The fisherman? An 115-pound 14-year-old by the name of Kaleb Richardson.

Kaleb, with the help of his father Keith and their fellow fisherman, reportedly spent 45 minutes trying to haul the monster fish onto their boat. The bluefin was pulled aboard and promptly weighed and measured.

For reference, the fish measured 86 inches in girth and is expected to rank among the five largest tunas caught off Louisiana.

Now scroll down to see photos of this massive animal for yourself!

1Kaleb Richardson and his father Keith love fishing. For years, they have been enjoying the sport aboard their boat, named “Whoo Dat.”

2Now Kaleb is 14-years-old, and is making quite a name for himself in the fishing world! Just last month, he caught a massive 835-pound tuna off the coast of Grand Isle, Louisiana.

3Kaleb and the other fishermen onboard struggled to reel in the catch for 45 minutes. And when they finally saw the specimen they had caught, they couldn’t have been more surprised!

tuna-4-850x1062In addition to weighing 835 pounds, the bluefin measures 86 inches in girth. The fish is expected to rank among the five largest tunas caught off the coast of Louisiana.

tuna-5-850x850Kaleb reportedly had some practice fishing in Nova Scotia over the wintertime. It appears that practice paid off!

tuna-6-850x850Still, considering Kaleb only weighs 115 pounds, it’s incredible that he was the one that managed to wrangle this huge fish!

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