Teen Brings 91-Year-Old Grandma As Junior Prom Date The Day Before Her Birthday


Most teens stress about asking their crush to the big formal dance every spring, but the thoughtful young man in the clip below knew he could only take his grandma to prom.

High school junior Stephen Vigil had been inspired to not only spend more time with his grandma, Julia Vigil Jarman, after her heartbreaking pancreatic cancer diagnosis, it also just so happened that the big dance would be one day before her 92nd birthday.

Plus, Stephen learned that she never went to a prom of her own when she was in high school, so it was a total no-brainer to have her tag along.

And he wasn’t the only one who decided to go out of his way to make the evening extra-special for the nonagenarian. As soon as the school’s principal got wind of Stephen’s plans, he made sure Julia would be provided with a tiara and sash as an honorary member of the prom court.

Of course, Stephen was a little worried about how his peers would react to him rolling up with his grandmother on his arm.

Luckily, they were all just as supportive as his own family, and from the look of the photos in the clip below, she ended up having a wonderful time with her sweet grandson.

Take a look to hear more from Stephen — including the Elvis Presley song he requested on his grandma’s behalf.

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