Superstar Alicia Keys posts precious duet with son, singing ‘Lean on me’


Alicia Keys has been winning over fans’ hearts for years with her amazing talent and infectious personality.

In high school, I remember (trying) to sing along to her hits “If I Ain’t Got You” and “No One,” but it wasn’t until she became a judge on NBC’s “The Voice” that I saw her inspiring, caring spirit.

The other judges teased her throughout the two seasons, but she always sought to focus on upcoming artists’ talents and further develop them.

Keys is a natural-born mentor, especially to those in the musical field.

She recently posted an Instagram video showing that she is even developing her 7-year-old son’s musical talents. He’s definitely inherited something from his parents!

The video shows Egypt playing the piano while Keys sings “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers.

Her caption read, “Best duet everrrrr !!!!! Love this boy!! He’s so excited about music My bestie!!”

Best duet everrrrr !!!!! Love this boy!! He’s so excited about music My bestie!! ❤️❤️?? ? ? ? ? ?

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Music producer Kasseem Dean (or Swizz Beatz), Key’s husband, also posted the adorable moment on his Instagram profile.

“Wow wow wow I’ve been waiting for this moment,” he wrote. “The dedication and hard work my wife put into the kids are priceless. Let me find out y’all have a tour coming soon.”

The next day, Dean posted another video of Egypt playing along with some of Dean’s friends.

Egypt isn’t new to the music-producing world. In 2016, at only 5 years old, he produced a track for Kendrick Lamar’s album, “Untitled Unmastered.”

Keys posted a video of her son playing his song and wrote, “He got up that morning humming a melody….. We went to the piano to find it….he picked it out by ear….he loves to play…. I know that feeling????”

Egypt is on a fast track to being a musical powerhouse, but he isn’t the only budding artist in the family.

Back in 2017, Dean shared a video on Instagram of their younger son, Genesis, freestyle beatboxing.

He’s already got more talent than I could ever even dream of.

Seeing the love that Keys and Dean have for their children is extremely heartwarming. Big things are definitely in store for them.

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