Students Overlook Nonverbal Girl, Then Mom Films Friend Talking To Her With Her Hands


Having a child with a disability is undeniably difficult for parents who have to watch their son or daughter suffer for much of their lives.

While much of this suffering can be physical, it can be emotional, too. Shannon Summers is the mother of a special needs child, and it hurts to see her ignored and overlooked by her peers.

Of course, Carly Jade’s feelings are hurt by this. She is nonverbal, but she wants friends like everyone else and wants to feel included.

Fortunately, Carly has one very special friend in her classmate Zoe, who has taken her under her wing.

In the clip below, Carly’s mom is sitting in a Chuck E. Cheese’s with her daughter and Zoe. She started filming the two when she saw how they interacted. She was touched by her daughter’s display of affection for her friend, and Zoe’s response. The unexpected bond took the mom by surprise at first, but she is undoubtedly thankful that her daughter has someone to look up to.

Shannon shared the video on Facebook with the following caption: “We share this video to show everyone just how important it is to treat everyone equal [sic], and how it captures what words cannot describe.”

Please Rasplove if this friendship touched your heart, and if you know Carly and Zoe will be friends for many years to come!

Inclusion For Everyone

"Our daughter Carly Jade, is in sixth grade and is nonverbal, but like every little girl her age, she wants friends and to be accepted, but because of her special needs, she's often overlooked. Carly may not be able to speak her mind but she definitely shows her feelings with gestures and sounds, she also hears and understands what is said around her. So when we learned of a classmate, named Zoe, who took Carly under her wings, we were more than overjoyed! We share this video to show everyone just how important it is to treat everyone equally. And how it captures what words cannot describe."Support Love What Matters by purchasing our new book in time for graduation or Father's Day! ❤#LoveWhatMatters Credit: Shannon Sommers

Posted by Love What Matters on Dienstag, 30. Mai 2017