Student Is Told To Answer Her Call, But When It’s About Her Pregnancy Test, She Pranks Teacher


Stephen Barrows, a macroeconomics professor at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, decided to play an April Fools’ prank on his students by surprising them with a pop quiz. Little did he know that his students would be the ones pranking him.

Stephen has a very strict cell phone policy: If a student’s phone rings during class, he or she must answer it on speakerphone so everyone can hear.

But on April 1, 2014, one of his students made sure she received a call he’d never forget — and half of the class knew exactly what was coming next.

Taylor Nefcy had a friend pretend to call her from the Pregnancy Resource Center with news about her test results. Of course, she had to answer the call on speaker.

“Per your request, I’m calling to inform you that the test results have come back positive,” the caller said. “Congratulations!”

When the camera panned back to the professor, his reaction was absolutely priceless — especially when he realized it was all in good fun. He’s a great sport!

It’s no wonder this April Fools’ prank received over 55 million YouTube views.

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