Struggling Cashier Rings Up Greeting Card For His Girlfriend, But She Opens It And Sees Her Name


For months, Debi had been working double shifts at Walgreens to pay her bills. But despite her financial struggles, she greeted every single customer with a big smile and friendly exchange.

Each customer who met Debi at the register left the store with a smile on his or her face. One of these customers was a young man named Daniel Fernandez, who learned about Debi’s struggles and decided to do something incredible.

In the video below, Daniel enters the Walgreens where Debi is working and purchases a card for his “girlfriend.” When he goes to check out, he asks Debi if she remembers him from the last time he stopped in, when he was sick. Of course she does!

Debi is excited to read the card and see what Daniel had in store for his girlfriend, but when she opens it, she gets the surprise of a lifetime.

“Actually Debi, that’s for you,” Daniel tells her. It’s amazing what a little kindness can do.

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