Someone Calls This Teenage Girl ‘Fat.’ Her Boyfriend Has The Most Epic Response. And Now They Have Both Gone Viral


While social media has brought about some progress in the world, no doubt, it has also created a very scary downside– cyber bullying.

Strangers from anywhere in the world can now throw around harsh words without any consequences or remorse. And not everyone has a thick enough skin to shrug off such hate. But this particular story of social media users coming together to fight for a teenager who is being abused is truly a refreshing change of pace.

Madison and her boyfriend, Tre Booker are an adorable teenage couple that recently attended their school prom.


As usual, before setting out for the big event, they took a few snapshots after getting ready.


After sharing the photos on Twitter, a stranger had the guts to say something so unbelievably rude and mean.


Madison, saddened by the girl’s unpleasant words, had a very appropriate response.


Her boyfriend also came in with the most epic response ever. He not only put the mean girl in her place, he also made his lady feel really good.


The adorable couple soon went viral with many people applauding the boy’s bravery, kindness and compassion.


Tre was not done talking up his love and it his clear he has a beautiful heart as he declared his love for Madison.


A lot of people showed their support, making Tre and Madison feel good as opposed to feeling offended like the bully intended.



And then they were those who made sure Madison knew she looked fabulous.



We absolutely agree!