Sibling trio honors late-mother on ‘America’s got talent’ with song leaving judges in tears


Joshua, Bethany and Manny are honoring their late mother in the most beautiful way: with a song.

After growing up “in a lush musical backdrop of melody and verse,” the sibling trio formed a band called “We Three” where they can share their musical talents with the world.

Joshua plays the piano and drums (sometimes simultaneously), Bethany plays the bass, and Manny plays the guitar. However, the talented siblings are able to switch instruments to best fit the needs of their songs.

“Their self-written songs cover all the strands of emotion, from melancholic to the motivated, and the mountains of love that beg to be celebrated that lie in between,” their website says.

We Three most recently auditioned for “America’s Got Talent” and they blew away the audience and the judges with their beautiful music.

“Sadly their Mother passed away just over two years ago, but what might normally devastate and distract had the opposite effect in unifying the already intensely strong bond that makes We Three a musical rarity,” their website said.

Their powerful musical tribute to their mother is titled, “Heaven’s Not Too Far.”

“It’s about our mother who passed away from cancer about two years ago,” Manny explained. “It’s a song written from her perspective kind of talking to us in her last month.”

The lyrics of their song resonated with the entire audience. There was not a dry eye as Manny and Bethany harmonized to the powerful song.

Backstage, their father cried with the show’s host, Tyra Banks.

Judge Mel B. was visibly crying during the entire performance. “I lost my father over a year ago to cancer, so I felt like that song was just meant for me and my dad was singing to me,” she said.

“I just felt it. I’m shaking. It was really, really good, thank you.”

Heidi Klum added, “I love your voices, I love how you harmonize together. You had me from the very first second. I love the song, beautiful song.”

“We all have parents and we are parents, some of us,” Howie Mandel said. “This was so strong. The best thing I can say is … I felt it.”

The judges sent them on to the next round, all four of them voting “yes.” As Simon Cowell said, “I honestly think it’s the start of something big here.”

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