Shy boy brings judges to their feet with celine dion hit


In this day and age, incredible talent is not hard to find. Each person is blessed with a unique talent, and technological advancements have made it possible for individuals to share their talent with the entire world.

When a 13 year old boy named Abu stepped on stage for a blind audition on The Voice Kids Belgium, the audience wondered what he would sound like. He seemed nervous as he looked out into the crowd then back down at the stage. Then the music started playing.
Abu had selected the popular “My Heart Will Go On” by unforgettable celebrity Celine Dion. This was certainly a challenging song – and from such a timid performer! This song’s stunning feature in the film Titanic caused it to shoot to the top of the charts. It was the number one song in many countries, and even now it is recognized for its intense emotional charge.

As the boy stood on stage silently the judges wondered whether the performer would be able to live up to the task of singing with this incredible song, but it didn’t take Abu long to prove himself worthy of the role. From the moment he started singing two of the judges, Josje Huisman and Laura Tesoro, smiled widely.


The boy had only belted out a few lines before all three judges hit their buzzers. Their chairs spun around to reveal the talented young soul who was blowing their minds away.

Just after the judges whirled around, everyone in the audience began clapping. As Abu continued to sing, the members of the crowd stood up. He had a standing ovation before he was even a quarter of the way through the song!

This boy’s vocals were out of this world. He mastered the ever-climbing notes of Celine’s hit song, and he even added his own unique style to the tune. No one could deny that this boy was talented.

The crowd was already on their feet, but the magic wasn’t over yet. The judges were literally at the edge of their seats as they clung to this boy’s every word. Each of them looked absolutely hypnotized by his continually climbing and falling notes. Abu’s immense talent was utterly astounding.


The judges smiled approvingly as Abu’s voice drifted through the room, but they were in for yet another surprise. As he began to sing the chorus they all looked absolutely shocked. Suddenly they realized that they had not yet seen the full extent of this talented boy’s skills.
As the performance continued, Abu shared his powerful gift with the world. First one judge stood up, then another, until all three of them were on their feet. This boy had brought every last person watching the performance out of their chairs.


As Abu finished his audition, Sean Dhondt ran onto the stage and sat cross-legged in front of the talented artist. He was completely captivated by the performance – even more so than everyone else in the room. Sean clapped and gave the boy a high-five before returning to his chair.
This young teen had made a huge splash with his debut performance. With undeniable talent like that, Abu is sure to make a name for himself in the world of music.
Extremely talented people can be found all over the world. These individuals inspire us to pursue our passions and strive to become our best selves.

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