She Was Mowing Her Lawn. Then She Looked Up To See Baby Drowning In Nearby Canal. What She Did Next Was Unbelievable


Missy Pocock was mowing her lawn one day when she happened to look up and saw something that shocked her to the core.

At first, all she noticed was two young girls pushing a stroller and a dog walking near a canal that ran by her house in Rexburg, Idaho. Suddenly, the dog ran by and bumped into the stroller, causing it to roll into the canal.


For a scary second, Missy watched as the girls frantically tried to get into the water then she realised that a toddler was strapped into the stroller.

Missy recalled this terrifying moment: “I looked up, and the stroller was upside down in the canal. He was 6 feet down the canal. I couldn’t even see him. All I could see was the stroller.”

The woman galvanised into action. She raced to the canal, jumped over the fence and dove into the water. She swam to the stroller and was able to pull out the little boy.

Missy noticed the boy was turning blue so she began work on getting him to breathe.

“I just pounded on his back,” she said. “I got the water out of his lungs and climbed out. Once I finally got him to breathe, he started screaming.”

The girls explained that the little boy wanted to throw a stick into the canal and as soon as he did, the dog brushed past the stroller, knocking it into the water.

Missy cut her hand and had bruises everywhere as a result of her desperate save. She was not worried about all these. “It was better than a kid dying,” she said.

The mum also considered this experience a miraculous one. According to her, she was not a jumper and had never been the athletic type.

Missy said, “Two little boys at the edge of the bridge said, ‘That was so awesome. You flew over the fence and then jumped into the canal.’ All I know is angels helped me over the fence.”