She Was Celebrating Her 100th Birthday. Then She Heard Macarena And Started Dancing!


When you’ve got rhythm, you never lose it. And when you have the will to live, you can’t stop dancing and celebrating. And there couldn’t be a better example of this than Doreen Vickey. She celebrated her first century of life by dancing the Macarena, as if she was a young, 70 year old!


Her son, Michael, remembers an occasion when his mom spent all night dancing on a cruise ship to classic hits from the 90s. He wanted to give her one of those moments of pure joy. So he did, and as soon as Doreen heard the beat starting, she couldn’t help but cast aside her walker and tear up the dance floor.


And a spirit as young as Doreen’s will stay alive for many more years to come, dancing, celebrating and enjoying life. She only just turned 100, she’s still young!