She Shares A Picture-Perfect Photo Online, But Then Strangers Notice Her Leg Looks Strange


Isa-Bella Leclair was born with Parkes Weber syndrome, a genetic condition that carries a side effect known as “lymphedema.” As a result, fluid built up inside her right leg, causing it to swell at an early age.

Over time, Isa-Bella’s leg grew to twice its normal size. By the time she entered college, her leg weighed 40 pounds! She couldn’t play sports, and finding jeans that fit was near-impossible.

Since Isa-Bella’s larger leg is extremely visible, it would be understandable if she wanted to hide it from the world. But at 19 years old, she did something that inspired millions of people.

This incredible teenager from New Brunswick, Canada, shared a selfie online — but this was no ordinary selfie.

Watch the video below to see how Isa-Bella is changing the standards of beauty, one photo at a time.

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