She Saw Her Boyfriend On His Knee In Front Of A Grave, Then She Knew EVERYTHING!


When somebody loves another, they’re willing to do anything just to see them happy. This couple, who have been together for 5 years, knows that well, and they experienced it when he, Matthew, traveled 3,000 miles to make her, Kristina, happy. The reason? Matthew went to visit Kristina’s family to stop being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Matthew told Kristina he was traveling for a friend’s birthday, but the truth is he went from San Francisco, California to Orlando, Florida where Kristina’s family lives, to ask her to marry him. The whole family was thrilled with the news, her grandma even gave him the engagement ring for him to propose to her.


The most emotional for Kristina was when she saw her father’s grave and her boyfriend, kneeling in front of it. Matthew had gone to pay his respects, and also to ask him for his daughter’s hand in marriage, promising to make her happy.


Kristina saw the whole trip on video since Matthew returned with the question. And among smiles and tears, she couldn’t say no.