She Left A Glass Of Water With Vinegar And Salt In The Room Now I And All My Friends Do The Same!


Our house is a sacred place where you can feel truly peaceful. And yet, sometimes it happens that even negative energy is accumulated there.

If you began feeling tired, sad and exhausted, you should clean the house of negative energy. Here’s one of the great ways to do this.

You will need:

1 glass;
White vinegar;
Granular salt;
Pure water


Mix all the ingredients in the glass and put it in the place where you spend most of your time for 24 hours. Make such glasses for each place you want to clean.

After 24 hours, see whether the salt has risen on the surface of the water. If so, wash the glass and do the procedure again. Repeat until the salt ceases to rise. When this happens, you can stop, because this will become a sign that your house is cleaned.

How does it work?

Salt creates negative ions in the air, and they, in their turn, create positive vibrations. This method is really good, since it does not require any special effort from you, but it gives an excellent result!

Additional tips:

Use aromatherapy and meditation. You can place a plate with fresh fruit I the kitchen and natural flowers in your rooms.