She Found Her Cat And Asked Him What He Was Up To. His Answer Shocks!


When this woman found her cat he was acting very strange
Cats are a lot of fun, we all know that. They freak out if you put a cucumber beside them, plus sometimes it is difficult to explain their behavior.
This cat is acting strange too! In this video, you can see cat’s owner finding him somewhere near the house. And she’s asking him to follow her home, but the cat, named Kosmos, won’t listen to her. He just keeps meowing.
Some people commented this video found it very funny, and some are angry because they think the cat is frightened. They say his behavior indicates the pet is scared: he’s licking his nose and his pose. Have you noticed Kosmos didn’t let the woman to pet him?

How to explain this weird situation?
abrozzi your thoughts with us, do you think it’s funny, or the cat is really scared?