Seven Resolutions That Every Spouse Should Take This Year


Spice up your love life!
I can’t believe how fast the year 2017 flew by, I realised this only when I reflected on the past year while preparing for the new one. Believe it or not, but with every new year comes new resolutions, as it is just the perfect time to begin anew and feel more ambitious. Some people set personal goals, career goals, organisational goals, and some stick to their fitness goals.

As January’18 has already begun, we truly hope you’ve made some resolutions already, but have you considered setting some resolutions with your spouse? We think that marriage is, and should always be, the most important thing in your life. So shouldn’t there be some resolutions that every spouse should take together? We’d like to inspire you and set some goals to help you and your spouse make this year the best year of your marriage so far, here are seven resolutions you and your partner should consider for this year:

Cooking a meal for your spouse


One of the nicest things a spouse can do is to prepare an unplanned meal for the family. It could be a surprise or for a special event. Contribution to each other’s little needs can add some magic to the relationship. It also strengthens the bond and affection the two share. And, believe me, cooking a meal for your wife can definitely be the most satisfying feeling a husband can have. So take a pledge to surprise her this year.

Planning an activity that both of you enjoy


To keep the romance intact between couples, you must always add some new plans to the list that you both enjoy. It could be travelling, going on long drives, for new movies, gym, etc. It’s about picking something that you two haven’t done before, especially together. The feeling of having your partner with you in the best moments of your life is definitely very special.

Make equal contribution to your children’s upbringing


Parenting could be a difficult task, especially if you both are working professionals. We all know the struggles of parenting can actually test a marriage. If both can contribute equally towards raising children, it can add charm to a relationship.

Ask this question every day


You must always ask your spouse — «How was your day, love?»

This might sound very cliche, but recall the time you both started dating? Knowing about each other’s day can significantly improve your relationship, as it helps in discussing issues and every-day happenings. Couples who openly discuss their emotions with each other tend to lead a happier and more connected life with their partners.

Work towards conflict resolution


Marriages aren’t always perfect, but we must always strive for a peaceful marriage. The best way for this is to resolve conflicts in no time. It is easy to hold a grudge but letting things go and forgiving your spouse can increase the chances of a happier marriage.

Limit TV and social media


Owning a TV can surely help pass the time, but can also become a cause for fights in the house. Have you imagined how different would your married life would be if you removed television and social media from your daily routine? Or at-least considered limiting the amount of time spent on the two.

Replacing TV and social media with productive activities can build your life and marriage. Although social media isn’t so bad but can eventually keep you away from your partner, would you rather prefer spending time with them in person, or when their eyes are constantly glued to their phone?

Help each other do the dishes


In this fast-paced life, routine jobs like doing the dishes take up all our energy, leaving no time for personal activities. As a couple, you can help each other clean the dishes so that your spouse has #NoMoreDishStress.

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