Seven bad habits of intelligent people


Intelligence is not all humility and modesty. Sometimes, intelligent people do indulge in bad habits which are not so acceptable.

Intelligence comes in all forms and intelligence can also be a burden. This is a fact which is true and is lived by smart people every day. They know and understand the responsibilities which come from the intelligence and they do try to remain modest and humble about it.


Intelligent people see the world differently (Pexels)
Sometimes, however, intelligent people behave in unacceptable ways. They do certain things which they cannot help. This is not to say that they are bad people or their hearts are not in the right place but that they see the world differently and react differently from the rest. A few bad habits that they share are:



heir attitudes vary a lot (Pexels)
#1 Procrastination


They tend to procrastinate (Pexels)
Intelligent people, more often than not, are the biggest procrastinators. They often overestimate their ability to finish a task, and they do not like planning in detail as they know that they would complete it within the time frame.


They keep things hanging till the last moment (Pexels)
This means that they often leave their tasks hanging until the last moment and only complete it, if they do, in the eleventh hour. They inherently come up with excuses for not finishing their job and find something else to while their time away, not doing what they were supposed to do.

#2 Being messy


hey are sometimes quite unorganized (Pexels)
Intelligent people are often quite messy. The fact is that their minds function more efficiently and rapidly than others and they process things faster. This means that they are forever skipping from one thing to the next, never finding the time to tidy up.


They can be quite messy (Pexels)
This also means that their heads are often cluttered with thoughts. However, they know their way around the clutter. What seems like a messy world to us is a reality for them as they can weave through the mess effortlessly. The scattered ideas, therefore, are reflected in their surroundings through the disorder.

#3 Swearing


They tend to swear a lot (Wikimedia Commons)
Intelligent people are upfront and straightforward in their approach. They do not have the time to deal with trivialities and hence they do not keep a lot of things bottled up inside. They would rather be free of the BS which occupies most of our attention.



They swear to vent and not to hurt (PxHere)
This means that they swear a lot, even at the slightest provocations. The fact is that they do not mean it but the swearing acts as a coping mechanism for them. They vent out through swearing and let the matter slide then and there itself.

#4 Complaining


They complain a lot as well (PxHere)
This is one bad habit that a lot of intelligent people are guilty of. They do complain a lot and incessantly. They would complain about the slightest frustrations and be in a bad mood for days at a time, sulking and sour.


The slightest thing can push their buttons (PxHere)
The fact is that they need their lives to be in a certain way and they feel annoyed if it isn’t. They often fail to realize that not everything is within their control and that there are a few things which will frustrate them. This is why they don’t anticipate the obstructions and then complain about it.

#5 Not asking for help


They do not like asking for help (Flickr)
Intelligent people tend to spend a lot of time lost in thoughts and contemplation. They spend a lot of time pondering over their own ideas and their self. This means that they understand their own strengths and weaknesses quite well.


They prefer fighting alone (Pexels)
This self-awareness, however, makes them feel highly independent and they hating looking at others for help. They truly believe that each fight is theirs alone and only they need to have a go at it. This attitude turns them away from seeking help and they often suffer alone.

#6 Unreasonable expectations


They expect others to be on the same intellectual plane (Pexels)
One of the greatest issues with intelligent people is that they expect others to be at their intellectual level, as well. They do not even consider the fact that others do not think the same way nor do they process things as efficiently.


Their expectations are usually not fulfilled by others (Pexels)
This means that they expect the same level of intellectual capabilities from everyone and expect everyone to intrinsically understand what they are saying. These expectations are usually not fulfilled and they end up feeling frustrated, annoyed, and blue.

#7 Giving in to impulses


They can sometimes be quite impulsive (Flickr)
Intelligent people would be expected to think twice before they leap and it is true for a lot of them but they are also known to frequently give in to their impulses. They often act rashly and rely a lot on their guts which may be wrong at times.


They trust their guts to carry them over (Pexels)
Such impulsive way of acting does not mean that they do not understand the consequences but a sense of adventure implores them to see-what-happens. It’s their nature to be curious and their impulsive nature, at times, feeds this curiosity.