Scared Girl Secretly Passed A Note To Her Teacher. When He Read It, He Immediately Called The Police!


27-year-old Donald Ray Guy was keeping his girlfriend and her 11-year-old daughter locked up in a trailer in Louisiana. For several weeks, he didn‘t let them leave the mobile home. But in order not to cause suspicion, he had to allow the little one to go to school.

The man threatened to kill her and her mother if she told someone about him. Fortunately, the woman managed to write a note on a scrap of paper and secretly pass it to her daughter.


When the frightened girl handed the note to her teacher, he couldn‘t understand what exactly had happened to her mother. But one thing was clear — the mother of the child is in trouble and needs help. The teachers immediately called the police.


The policemen came to the trailer and knocked on the door. No one opened it, so they broke down the door and entered the housing. The criminal, who was hiding in the closet, was immediately arrested. The woman wasn‘t injured, but she was so terrified that she was afraid to leave the house.

She didn‘t have a car, and the man didn‘t let her talk on the phone. Since they lived in the countryside, no one could help her. It’s just a blessing that the woman managed to pass the note to her daughter and the police came to her rescue on time!