Saber-toothed tiger struts down high street, but one pedestrian steps too close in this hilarious prank.


While families enjoyed their ice creams on a sunny day in Los Angeles, they got an extra icy treat, much to their surprise. Saber-toothed cats haven’t lived on Earth since the Ice Age so it was a shock to L.A residents when a giant Saber-toothed tiger wandered past them in the street one day.

L.A locals were surprised and confused when they witnessed a massive Saber-toothed cat walking down Wilshire Boulevard in the middle of the day. But luckily for passers by they didn’t need to worry as the huge cat was only a life size robotic model, although it looked very realistic.

Attached to a leash and with two escorts, the big cat walked along blinking, head shaking and standing its ground with large padded feet. It looked amazing!


The life size robot was made to help promote an Ice Age exhibition at the La Brea Tar Pits, Page Museum in L.A and onlookers couldn’t believe how realistic the big cat looked. I’m sure it successfully got people talking about the impressive model and drew crowds into the museum exhibits just to grab another glance of the Saber-tooth itself.

Saber-Toothed Tiger Struts Down High Street, But One Pedestrian Steps Too Close In This Hilarious Prank.

With brave children leading the way, civilians confident enough to get up close to the animatronic animal managed to snap photos with it – I bet their friends thought the pictures were photoshopped! You certainly had to see it to believe it.

Check out the video for yourself and admire the amazing creature. It’s a good job Saber-toothed cats aren’t alive nowadays or there would have been a lot more pandemonium in the streets that day!

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