Romantic couple setting a new trend as they recreate the iconic kissing photo around the world


«Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves» — Henry David Thoreau

People travel the world for different reasons. The word «travel» has different interpretations for people. For some, travel means exploring new places and seizing the moment, and for some it means, getting lost in the unknown to discover the known about one’s life.

The best way to gain knowledge is through traveling. You learn unique things about other’s culture, tradition, and life. You feel inspired every moment when you are on the go, and that gives you a purpose to travel more. It is the inquisitiveness that keeps the fire on in some people who cannot imagine their lives becoming a rut.

The same kind of excitement is there in this newlywed couple Rob and Joli, who run a travel and lifestyle blog. They are inspiring millions of people to travel around the world with their better half. Rob and Joli want to eradicate the extravagant perception that gets tagged along with the word «travel» every time. They want to promote the beauty of traveling by making people know that there are smart and cheap hacks to have a beautiful trip with your loved one.

Many people kill their dreams to travel the world because they think that one has to have a lot of money to pursue such an expensive dream. Rob and Joli were destined to meet during a meetup party for travelers in the Philippines years ago and since then, they have been inseparable.

? Pennsylvania, USA . TGIF ??? Are you guys ready for the weekend?! . . Here's a little #FlashbackFriday from our wedding 9 months ago… Take a cue from our groomsmen—treat yourself and unwind after the busy work week! ? . A bit of trivia: you know what our wedding theme was? Travel, of course! ? We used maps and all our fun travel souvenirs as decoration. Would you like to see some exclusive wedding photos on the blog? ? . Oh and don't worry, just thought we'd mix it up and take a little break from posting our China photos. More coming soon! ? . . . . . . . #dipkiss #dipkisstravels #wanderlust #wanderlove #traveldeeper #visitPA #pennsylvania #visitusa #weddingfun #sillywedding #beerlove #visitusa #groomsmenantics #crazywedding #tyingtheknot #weddingshoot #paweddings #filam #filipinoamerican #mixedcouple #ldrcouple #closingthegap #loveislove #filamcouple #travelcouple

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They started touring cities around the world and click pictures with their signature pose which they named «dipkiss», that glorifies the love they have for each other. They have traveled to 16 countries together and have shared some of the most romantic pictures on their Instagram profile.

? Moscow, Russia . Dipkissing in a shopping center in the middle of the busy capital city during the White Nights season. ? . Happy Valentines Day to all of you who are celebrating today! ❤❤❤ Whether single or taken, remember that you are loved. If no one's said that to you yet today…then here goes: "WE LOVE YOU!" ❤ . Seriously, you guys are the bestest! We love all the kind comments and all the messages. You guys inspire us and your support keeps us going despite all the stress & haters in the world 🙂 Also, we LOVE hearing all of the love stories you've shared with us! They're all so awesome ❤ Keep 'em coming, we might just ask for submissions soon! . . A little trivia about ourselves: We rarely give each other Valentines presents. When we do, we like giving each other stuff that's handmade like a home-cooked meal or a personalized drawing/card/collage/video…or better yet, we go on a roadtrip! ??? Don't get us wrong, we think the occasion is cool, but we just try not to get caught up with spending too much on expensive things when we'd rather create lasting memories. ❤ . . . . . . #dipkiss #dipkisstravels #wanderlust #wanderlove #visitmoscow #visitrussia #russia #heart #valentinesday #valentines

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When asked about their love for travel and how do they manage their finances and still travel to different places, they told TheDailyNet, «We live very frugally in our everyday lives to be able to travel this much. Since meeting each other, we’ve tweaked our lifestyle to be more focused on spending our money on experiences and less on material things.»

One of the most beautiful thing about traveling with your better half is the fact that you learn a lot about each other. After getting married, Rob and Joli embarked on their journey to experience the adventures of traveling together. They told TDN, «When we’re tempted to buy something extravagant, we always think to ourselves, ‘Do I want that, or a plane ticket?’ — obviously, the plane ticket wins a majority of the time!»

Here are some of their magical moments.

1. When in Portugal
Europe is one of the most romantic countries in the world, and dipkisstravels are giving couple goals as they pose in Lisbon, a place with a very interesting history.

2. When in New Mexico, USA
There is something very unique about a desert that has white sand, which is making this picture look even more romantic. As serene as it looks, New Mexico is the place to be with your partner!

3. When in Italy, Duomo di Milano — Milan Cathedral
«If Rome is all about the history, then Milan is all about the future.» Known for its romantic and historical vibes, Milan is the perfect place to spend time with your partner.

4. When in the Philippines, Puka Beach, Boracay Island
If you are looking for a place that is more private and extraordinarily beautiful, then Puka Beach in the Philippines is the best place to be.

5. San Francisco, California
You can know about certain facts only if you travel to that place. San Francisco is famous for its artistic beauties and sculptures that will leave you awestruck!