Rich Kids Of Dubai 2017—The Billionaire Lifestyle Of Dubai


If you know anything about Dubai, you’re probably well aware of its rich and lavish lifestyle.

What you might not see, though, is the lavish type of lifestyle that young billionaires get to experience in Dubai. From luxurious cars to floating houses to underwater bedrooms, the lives of rich kids in Dubai are incomparable to any other place in the world. In case you ever wanted to experience what being young and rich in Dubai is like, take a look at this YouTuber’s day in the life of a rich, young businessman named Saygin Yalcin.

Saygin Yalcin invited a YouTuber and one of his friends to a walk through a day in his life, and it’s pretty amazing.

Before we get started on taking a look at what a day in a life of a young billionaire in Dubai is like, let’s get to know a little bit more about who Saygin Yalcin is.


Saygin Yalcin is a widely successful online business guru who was declared to be one of the most influential young people in business by Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40.


So now that you know a little bit more about who Saygin Yalcin is, let’s get started on the good stuff! First, the YouTubers get ready to gear up as they prepare to meet Saygin. They have no idea what to expect.


The guys start off by introducing us to the amazing Dubai lifestyle, casually flaunting two highly expensive cars in the background.


The guys start recording their day. As you can see in the distance, Dubai is full of high rise buildings, skyscrapers, and countless condominiums.


The guys are positively giddy with excitement, and cannot contain themselves when they see what Saygin arrives with to pick them up.


The boys get picked up in a gorgeous, white Rolls-Royce. As the guys approach the car, they can barely contain their excitement and awe.


Believe it or not, the Rolls-Royce actually comes equipped with its very own umbrella built into the door, because you never know when it will rain in the desert, right?


In addition to the umbrella built into each door, the Rolls-Royce has its very own star-lit roof. I’m not really sure why a star-lit roof would even be necessary, but it looks pretty cool.  When in Rome, right?


And check out the interior of this Rolls-Royce. Pretty classy, don’t you think? If you were a billionaire, what kind of car would you buy?


Not only does this car have an umbrella built into it along with a star-lit roof, but the door even closes on its own with the push of a button.


The guys embark on their journey with Saygin and soon arrive at a yacht club. They prepare to board a yacht which will take them to a private island.


The yacht club is massive, and is filled with dozens upon dozens of million-dollar yachts.


They board the yacht and prepare to head to the private island, where Saygin will show them a property he is thinking of purchasing. Why go all the way out to a private island to look at a property? Well, it’s not exactly a regular piece of property, and you’ll see why soon.


The yacht is huge and even comes with a master bedroom with a king sized bed.


Soon they arrive at the destination. Saygin points out one of his prospective purchases. It is a floating house in the middle of the ocean.


The private floating houses are called  floating seahorses, and come fully equipped with a dining room, outside lounge, and even an underwater bedroom. Believe it or not, there’s also an underwater bathroom.


The floating home’s gorgeous dining area is fancier than a five star restaurant.


This floating seahorse also has an outside lounge and tanning area directly above the water. There’s a tightly drawn net right above the water that you can lay down and tan on for hours on end.


On the upper level of the house is a swimming pool. If that isn’t cool enough for you, the swimming pool has a glass bottom that you can see directly through.


The house even has an underwater bedroom. The massive window gives you a glorious view of the ocean.


If you’re ever sick of seeing the water and the fish swim around you (who could possibly get sick of that?), you can always close the blinds and enjoy your privacy.


The underwater bedroom even comes fully equipped with an underwater bathroom, so you can take a bath but still enjoy the amazing view while you do.


Imagine taking a bath and having this amazing view! Are you trying to come up with a million dollar business idea right now like I am?


Just watch out for any scuba divers who may be creeping around your bedroom or bathroom windows.


The guys even bring a drone with them to film their day following a young billionaire in Dubai. Here you can see it pictured on the floor of the see-through swimming pool. As you can see, the swimming pool looks directly into the living room area.


The drone gives them a pretty amazing view of the ocean and the surrounding areas of land. If you were rich, would you buy a floating home?


Now imagine being a young billionaire and having the whole world at your fingertips. What would you do?


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