Reasons why moms are innocent little rays of sunshine that need to be protected at all costs


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

Mom’s will always be there for you. While they’re busy being a parent and raising kids, they try to find the time to keep up with the world. They do their best to keep up with texting, emailing, and Facetiming (their favorite when their kids are in college). So when mom is trying to put on eyelashes with a dead fly, it’s your duty to help her through the struggle.

Throwing Out The Back
When your mom gets excited because she’s 20 again… well, not so much. Apparently, running around the squash court will take your back out. See, our parents like to think they’re still with it, but this just goes to show that they aren’t as young as they think they are.

Chef Mom At The Table
All moms should do this. They are the ones who spend most of their Sunday’s cooking up a delicious homemade meal for dinner. But, when no one else in the family helps out, this the usual result. Next time, ask your mom if you can lend a hand. She’ll appreciate it.

Sorry, mom, it’s HowDoYouUseASpace? Not being a grammar king here, just trying to help out this mother here. It’s very ironic for a mother to ask for space since we’re the ones who want space away from our parents.

Coming up, when autocorrect fails miserably at a very awkward moment.

Waiting For Dinner


Maybe you could sit beside her and have a glass wine. All moms do this when making Sunday dinner. At this point, your mom has nothing else to do around the house. The entire place is clean from top to bottom, and there’s a chance she’s caught up in her weekly programs.

Selfie Game On Point

Here’s actual proof that moms how to take a selfie. Better yet, they mastered the selfie game with a very important person. Yes, that’s former US President Bill Clinton right behind her. She is so going to brag about this to her kids the morning after taking a selfie with Bill.

Autocorrect At Its Finest

Autocorrect came at a very awkward moment. That’s obviously not what she meant to say to her kid. Either way, I’d be laughing on the floor if my mom sent me a text like that.

Autocorrect failures are great, but seeing typos in messages are just as good. More on that shortly.

Mormons Helping Out

Mormons, aren’t they something else? All they do is go door-to-door preaching the greatness of their religion. In this case, these gentlemen are trying to convince your mother to join their group. She might, but first she knows better and she got these guys to help her out before hearing them out.

Coyote Or Dog?

If your mom ever forgets to wear her glasses, make sure she has the family dog and not a coyote. His side eye speaks volumes. I mean, they’re pretty dangerous animals, but they seem to enjoy having a bath. Maybe mom will give it some treats before letting it loose.

As Good As It Gets
Typos, especially from parents, can be pretty funny. On the other hand, at least their child is pleased with the fact that they can text. Obviously, they need to work on their grammar, but they’re getting it.