Read Chris Cornell’s Final Facebook Post, Posted Just Hours Before His Death


More details on the death of singer Chris Cornell have been released and it looks like he had a disturbing phone call with his wife just hours before his death. He also posted a final video to Facebook. Now that he has passed away, all of these things have become quite chilling.

The 52-year old musician passed away on Wednesday night after playing a gig in Detroit. His death is thought to have been suicide.
His final post to Facebook can now only be seen as eerie when you consider the details. If his death really was premeditated then it appears that he was leaving behind some clues.

His wife, Vicky Cornell, has also released a statement on what happened before the night of his death.
According to multiple reports, Cornell had a troubling conversation with his wife in which he told her that he had taken a few extra doses of Ativan.

In his slurred words he admitted to taking ‘an extra Ativan or two’ and apparently kept repeating the phrase ‘I am just tired,’ before abruptly hanging up the phone.

d111It was at this point that his wife decided to get in contact with his bodyguard Martin Kirsten asking him to check on her husband.d121
This is when Chris was found unconscious and paramedics attempted to do CPR on him. He wasn’t breathing.

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