Quirky New Device Lets You to Send a Kiss to Your Long-Distance Love


With the tremendous advancements in technology today, long distance relationships have never been easier to maintain. While video chats and WiFi-enabled messaging services take away some of the trials and tribulations of cross-country courtships, you can now skip the Skype kissy faces and lock lips with your long distance love through Kissenger.

Aptly named for its comical combination of a kiss and a virtual messenger, the gizmo allows you to “kiss” your loved one from afar. While the quirky invention may seem straight from the future, it’s actually very simple: composed of plastic, motors, and a large, silicone pad (nothing says romance like a large, silicone pad!), each apparatus attaches to a smartphone.
The “kiss” is stimulated by a motorized mechanism beneath the silicone that applies a unique patter of pressure to the lucky recipient’s lips or cheek. While it’s geared toward wistful romantic partners, the peculiar product also promises to bring families closer together and even unite fans with their celebrity idols.

kissenger-3While the device claims to be “the world’s first mobile kiss messenger,” it’s not the only one on the market.

There’s another Kissenger that also uses motors and silicone to simulate a smooch.

And Rouge-Rouge Kiss Me is another app that lets you send a colorful kiss to your loved ones.
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