Prince confesses Michael Jackson isn’t his biological father providing details of his childhood


The eldest among the Jackson siblings offered a strong response to an angry tweet and make his relationship with Michael Jackson clear.

According to an article published by Mirror, Prince Jackson published a message on Twitter which conveyed his respect for Michael Jackson, but has increased the speculation around whether the pop icon is his biological father.

Last month, Prince responded to a tweet that claimed that he wasn’t a Jackson. The 20-year-old did not exactly refute the claim that was questioning his biological link to the King of Pop, but his response received an outpour of support.

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Prince tweeted a powerful quote in response to the Twitter user’s claim. The quote stated that the blood of a covenant is thicker than the water of the womb, a metaphor which emphasizes that the one who raises a child is far more significant than the one who caused his birth.

Along with the quote, Prince added that he was raised by his «dad,» referring to Michael Jackson, along with his siblings.

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Through the post, Prince intended to convey that the biological connection did not mean anything when compared to the way that Michael Jackson fathered him. However, this has got people talking about whether the tweet was a subtle confession that Michael Jackson was not the birth father of Prince Jackson after all.

Fans of Michael Jackson and his legacy will get to know his children Prince, Paris and Blanket closely through an upcoming show titled The Jacksons: Next Generation.

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Speaking about the trio, their co-guardian TJ Jackson shared that the children were slowly moving on with their lives and trying to cope with the fact that Prince had grown up, graduated from school and now attended college.

TJ Jackson also proudly revealed that the children remind him of Michael Jackson himself and that the King of Pop had raised his children very well.