Pregnant Wife Pulls Down Her Pants And Screams, Tells Husband To Keep Filming


Lesia and John were pregnant with their third child, and she was ready to pop. In July 2015, the Texas couple were heading to the hospital, when 45 minutes into the ride, Lesia realized the unimaginable.

The expecting mother was just seconds away from giving birth. She told John to set up their video camera on his lap. They never had videos of their first two births, so why not?

As they raced down the Beltway 8 in Houston on their way to Bay Area Birth Center, Lesia begged John to drive faster. Then, her screams turned louder and more piercing.

It wasn’t long before Lesia’s water broke on camera, and the baby’s head started coming out. She was afraid that they’d need help. Neither one had a cell phone, so she decided to try and deliver baby #3 herself.

Watch what happened when Lesia pulled her pants down enough to pull the baby out. “Oh my God,” they cried.

This is like something out of an action movie!

Thankfully, baby Josiah was born happy and healthy — and viewers hailed Lesia as a hero for remaining so calm and collected.

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