Portable woodburning stove, heats up tents, yurts & tiny homes


Spending time in nature can be rewarding, but comfort is often compromised in the process. That’s why it could be useful to bring along on your trips a little device called a portable fold-down woodstove. Manufacturers from the UK have come up with the Frontier Plus, a clever woodstove that is light and has the ability to warm up or aid in making food just like any other woodstove. As a matter of fact, designers from the mother-company Anevay say that their device has a large flue, about 4 inches in diameter, allowing it to easily heat small places like your tent or a cabin. It also has a glass window on its front door and a secondary air control on the door, so those spaces it is positioned will not be overheated. The Frontier Plus features a removable plate and simple to adjust legs. Check out how it works in the pictures provided.


Pull out the flue sections to install in your tent, shed or tiny house


Install the flashing kit in your tent in a few easy steps


Fit the flue sections together…











Put the kettle on and get cosy…


So what does it do?

Set-up takes just minutes.

Cook with multiple pans at once on the top.

Remove the top plate for direct heat from the flames, or replace for a more even heat.

Heat any space, from a small shed to a large yurt or tipi, using the door vent to control heat.