Owner Confronts Dogs Over Who Chewed Up The Underwear, Dog’s Reactions Has Me On The Floor


When dogs are left alone for too long, they can get themselves into trouble. While they might not mean to make a mess, if the pup happens to get into the fridge or into the cabinets, then things can turn to chaos in a matter of moments. In one video I saw once, a Siberian husky accidentally got into the owner’s calligraphy ink set. And after getting his paws all in the ink, he proceeded to track it all over the house, leaving black, inky footprints all over the place. This video is not as messy as that, but it is certainly hilarious. Watch the clip to see the pet owner confronting his two dogs Titus and Nicos for chewing up women’s underwear. At the start of the clip, the dogs already look guilty. But then the man holds up the chewed underwear and asks who did. I can’t stop laughing at how these dogs reacted to his simple question.

Because these dogs are smart and know they’re in trouble, they try to hide from their beloved owner. This might be the only time when they’re not absolutely in love with him.

While the dogs might be uncomfortable in the video, they are totally adorable nonetheless. Because they know they’ve been caught in the underwear drawer, Titus and Nicos look absolutely guilty.

But not before the owner tricks them. First he calls Titus and Nicos over and tells them to sit down before him. Nicos is the German shepherd and has a shamelessly excited look on his face. At this point the dogs don’t realized that they’re in big trouble with their owner.

Although Nicos is blissfully ignorant to the fact that they’re in trouble, Titus is not as trusting. He is the Doberman pinscher. He already has a guilty look plastered on his face – perhaps he is the one who got to the undies.

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The owner then tells the dogs, “But they weren’t very good today. Somebody chewed up mom’s underpants.”

He lifts the chewed up underwear. When the dogs see this, they know they’ve been caught. The immediately turn around the run into the other room.

But the owner refuses to let them escape their verbal punishment. He follows them, asking, “Who was it?”

If the dogs could speak they’d rat each other out in an instant. But since they can’t, they remain conveniently quiet.

The owner approaches Titus and asks if it was him. Because the dog cannot make eye contact with his owner, the owner sees this as suspicious. He shouts out, “You did!”

But before he can let Titus take all the blame, the owner goes back and finds Nicos. Then he confronts him.

The German shepherd also avoids eye contact.

“You did!” the owner says, accusing Nicos as well as Titus. Both dogs look guilty of the crime.

“That’s a bad dog,” the man says.

Nicos stares off into the corner trying to make the whole situation go away.

Eventually Nicos looks at his owner, but his eyes make a strange glow in the light.

“Don’t you look at me with laser eyes!” the owner says.