Orphaned Baby Elephant Is Starving Without Her Mother’s Milk, Then People From All Around The World Have Rallied To Save Her Life


Baby elephants usually depend on their mom’s milk for three or even four years after birth, but this three-month-old one was abandoned by her own mother just several weeks after being born. She started to suffer from hunger, and her health began to deteriorate. The baby was in a terrible condition.

Luckily, the elephant named Eyeyarmay was saved by an elephant sanctuary in Myanmar. But they opened just a short while ago so that the workers couldn’t provide Eyeyarmay with enough milk. They also needed to feed two other orphans.


Lek Chailert, the founder of the sanctuary, wanted to find the way to help these poor animals. He had to be very fast because Eyeyarmay was so thin that her ribs were visible.


Lek decided to post a photo of the starving baby elephant on his Facebook page. He wrote: “This camp is very new and just recently opened. To take care of baby nutrition it is very sensitive because their life at this stage is very fragile. In Myanmar, it is so difficult to get baby elephant milk formula. The camps still use cow milk to feed them but this can cause them dysentery which complicates their health status a lot.”

The man asked people to donate the orphanage to get enough elephant milk formula for its starving animals. Fortunately, the story of Eyeyarmay touched hearts all over the world. Hundreds of people were ready to help.


People from all around the world rallied together to keep these babies alive. And they succeeded!
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