Online Predator Asks 7-Year-Old Girl For Topless Pictures, Her Dad Has The Best Response Read more


How many times have you let your child play on your phone? It may seem innocent to let them use it to access games online, especially when all their friends are doing the same. But, behind the screen is a world much more sinister than you could ever imagine, as this father shockingly discovered when his 7-year-old daughter was targeted by an online predator…


Brad Summer innocently let his seven-year-old daughter Madi use his phone to play on the app – an online social networking platform that allows you to upload short videos accompanied by music. On the surface it seemed safe, but real danger was soon to show…

Madi, from Illinois, was using the app to “make goofy duets of songs” with her cousins. Her father was careful to ensure she only accepted friendship requests from her family and friends, to keep her safe whilst using the app. Except, Madi’s online connections weren’t all they appeared.


Confident that Madi was safe to play online, her father allowed her to use the device. However, hiding in her friends list was someone that neither Madi, or Brad knew…


Someone sinister had slipped into Madi’s contact list, posing as a nine-year-old girl called ‘Jessy’. But, ‘Jessy’ didn’t want to make “goofy duets” with Madi, the user had much more sinister intentions…

As you’re about to discover, their are some twisted individuals online, and every parent needs to be aware of who their children are talking to when they’re connected to the web. Just imagine if you found these messages to your child…


Quickly the user asked Madi to share photos of herself, which Madi innocently complied with with a beaming smile. Madi truly believed ‘Jessy’ to be exactly who she claimed to be, but then the conversation took a haunting turn…


The user, posing as ‘Jessy’, began to demand topless photographs of seven-year-old Madi. Fortunately, Madi didn’t comply. However, that didn’t stop the predator from bombarding her with more demands.
Madi, clearly educated on the perils of strangers online chose to ignore the messages, which requested she “make some pics without t-shirt now”. The anonymous predator also persuaded Madi to keep the conversation a secret from her mother, by telling her: “it’s a secret between us only”.



Madi grew suspicious and chose not to return any of ‘Jessy’s’ messages. But, when her father saw the conversation, he couldn’t ignore it. Summer responded to the predator, informing them that they’d been discovered and to add to the strangers alarm, he informed the predator that he is a police officer.


Summer posted the incident on Facebook, to warn other parents about the dangers online. The post went viral, with parents across the globe being sickened by the exchange. The post has served as a dark reminder that “stranger danger” is a true peril on the internet!

The only thing we can do as parents, caregivers and role models is ensure that the children in our lives know exactly what to so when they are messaged by people like this, and that’s seek help from an adult!