Obese dad vows to get healthy. but when he walks on set, Ellen is floored by drastic new look


When Pat hit 600 pounds, his doctor said he’d die if he didn’t change his habits soon. With a son to raise, Pat vowed to get healthier. By October 2016, he lost over half his body weight. But when Pat walked onto Ellen’s stage, she couldn’t believe his transformation. How is this the same person?!…

By the time he was 28 years old, Pasquale “Fat Pat” Brocco was morbidly obese. The brand new father suffered from dangerously high blood pressure and cholesterol.

When Pat’s weight exceeded 600 pounds, his doctor informed him that if he didn’t change his lifestyle soon, he was going to die. With a 1-year-old son to raise, Pat knew he needed to heed his doctor’s advice.

Pat came back from the doctor’s appointment with a newfound sense of determination. He snapped a shirtless selfie in front of the mirror and vowed to change his ways for the better.

Since Pat was too large to fit on most exercise machines, he decided that every time he was hungry for a meal, he’d walk to his nearest Walmart and back — one mile to his house and back.

After years of walking six miles every day for food from Walmart, Pat became unrecognizable from the person he was before.

By October 2016, Pat had lost over half of his body weight. Ellen was so impressed by his story that she invited him onto her show — and wait until you see what this determined, doting father looks like today.

The beloved TV host also surprised Pat with a gift he never saw coming.