Mother lives with her daughter in a $4,000 container, but the view from inside is impressive


Lulu is the living proof that people can always find a way to turn bad situations into opportunities.

Due to the fact that she was studying and taking care of her daughter, she couldn’t find enough time to take an extra full-time job so, unfortunately, she couldn’t pay her previous house’s rent and had to leave it.

As reported by Newsner, she had to find a cheap place to stay. When she saw a 15-square-meter container, she knew what to do. Since Lulu got it for free, there was nothing much for her to lose, so she tried her best to turn it into a house.

Even though she had no previous construction experience, she managed to fix the container to make it look just as regular houses do. Only one month and $4,000 later, she added windows, insulation, and even a functional kitchen.

One of the most impressive aspects of the house is that almost every material used in the construction was recycled. Lulu confessed that she didn’t have money but was very creative.

According to Newsner, the house is ‘cozy’ as it doesn’t feel ‘crowded’ or small. There is enough space for a small library, a couch, the kitchen, and the sink. Lulu even took her time to build a porch to enjoy the sun.

While the trailer was enough for Lulu and her daughter, she eventually felt that they needed a little more space. Consequently, she built a separate bedroom on a large trailer.

Just as the main one, she built windows and tables. Above her bed, there is another mattress in which Lulu’s daughter sleeps. There is enough space there to fit her and a couple of friends, as well.

Apart from the money, she considered that moving into a cheaper place has given her more time to spend with her daughter.

‘I mean this was really a choice about, you know, how many hours do we have to our lives and how do I want to spend those hours.’

Lulu, Newsner, September 13, 2016.