Mother left her baby girl all alone in a big house for days. 10 years later the girl became the most beautiful in the county


People of Russian town Yaroslavl will never forget this story.

One day a passerby heard a baby crying. Nobody paid attention, newborn babies do cry, and sometimes they cry a lot. But when the heart-breaking sound went on for days, locals turned to the police.


Policemen discovered an empty house, with only one inhabitant — a 12-months-old baby girl. the girl must have spent days all alone in an empty house, her family abandoned her lying on the floor and crying.


The baby was taken to a hospital, where the doctors determined the girl was exhausted, starving and that her hip was broken.

The police learnt the baby’s name was Liza Verbitskaya. But they failed to find her parents, who just vanished.

After the hospital, Liza was supposed to go to an orphanage.


Meet Inna Nika.


Inna was visiting her son at the hospital when little Liza arrived. the woman heard someone’s crying and went to check in on the poor thing, where she learnt Liza’s story. From then on Inna would come to check on the baby, she would also bring her toys and diapers.

Inna had never thought about adoption before, she had two sons. But when The little girl was sent to the orphanage — something pulled the trigger in the woman’s heart, she realized she could not live a day without that baby. And she followed Liza to the orphanage to take her home.

The adoption process was settled in a few months. The girl moved to her new home but still was afraid of loud sounds, it took time for her to learn to eat properly and walk. Inna Nika thought dancing would help the girl and signed up Liza for dance classes, and she was right.


While growing up Liza realized she has an “exotic” appearance for Russia, she attracted people’s attention. Her classmates would tease her, calling her “chocolate” or “gypsy.” Then, her adoptive mother told Liza:

“A lot of people would stare at you out of interest — but don’t mind them.”

When Liza turned 12, she has already won lots of talent competitions and beauty pageants. She also started working as a teen model.


After the kid became famous and earned the name of “the most beautiful girl in the county,” her biological mother appeared. She contacted Liza and claimed she has the right to see her daughter again. But all her attempts were denied. The woman couldn’t even explain why she had abandoned Liza.

Now it is up to Liza, perhaps she will agree to meet her biological mother.