Most Don’t Know Where Wendy’s Gets The Meat For Their Chili From. Former Employee Explains


Wendy’s is a popular fast food chain. They specialize in burgers and fries, but their chicken sandwiches are also very good. Besides the usual fast food burger fare, Wendy’s also sells a popular chili side that makes it stand out from the rest of the restaurants in the category.
But if you’re a frequent customer of Wendy’s and especially if you buy their chili on occasion, you need to read this article. Wendy’s is not telling you the whole truth about their chili…

In the past, Wendy’s needed to survive a string of bad press that revolved around a terrible hoax. One customer pretended that they found a severed finger in a container of Wendy’s chili. This was proven to be false, but the incident damaged Wendy’s very badly.

That customer actually cut off their own finger and planted it inside the bowl of Wendy’s chili. They simply hoped that they would get a large payoff from the billion-dollar company.

While this hoax might have been damaging to Wendy’s image, the truth about their chili is even better. Keep reading, because it will cause you to raise your eyebrow.

Did you know that Wendy’s uses their leftover burgers as meat in their chili? While that might be something you’d do at home, it disgusting for a fast food restaurant.
How many hands touched that meat? Was it even refrigerator at proper temperatures or was it cooked, left out and then tossed in the chili to boost the restaurant’s bottom line for corporate.

Wendy’s says they do everything according to health safety procedures. And if you listened to how they claim to do it, it does sound safe. Not only that, but using leftover burger meat can help cut down on food waste. This is a good thing for the world, which experiences a lot of waste on a daily basis.

Here is the problem with the way Wendy’s makes their chili.

After burgers are cooked, Wendy’s leaves them on the grill. They wait for a burger order to finish cooking the meat. If the managers expect a busy time, they will put more burgers on the grill. And if they aren’t ordered within a few minutes, they are “discarded” into the chili batch.

When a burger is “discarded”, Wendy’s tosses it into a refrigerated container. This then goes into the next day’s chili batch. Burger patties are boiled down and minced before they get cooked again for chili.

Wendy’s chili uses day-old burger meat. While it is “technically” safe to consume, it might gross out some customers to know the truth. If it doesn’t bother you, ordering the chili is actually good for the environment. Grace Communications Foundations estimates that 40 percent of the world food supply is thrown away or unused. With millions of tons of food going to waste, this trick Wendy’s uses to reuse their old burger meat means less trash in landfills.

Now that you know the truth about Wendy’s chili, does it change the way you look at the restaurant? Do you have more or less respect for the fast food chain now?

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