Mom Gives Birth To Different Color Twins. One Year Later, They Look Less Alike


Whitney Meyer uses one word to describe her twin baby girls: miracle. Pictures of her daughters, Kalani and Jarani, who were born a year ago, became viral sensations. Not only were the twins adorable, but they each were born with different features.

“These are my miracle babies,” Whitney told Inside Edition.

Kalani was born with fair skin and blue eyes just like Mommy. Jarani was born with brown skin and brown eyes, just like daddy. The family from Illinois still gets stunned reactions from people who are surprised that the little ones are in fact twins.

When Kalani was born, Whitney wondered if she was albino, since it only made sense to her that she and her husband’s children would be tan.

“I did ask the nurses if she was albino because she was so white,” Whitney said.

To celebrate their first birthday, the twins had a princess-themed party with matching outfits.

“You get a lot of people with confused faces that see them [in matching clothes] because of their skin tones,” Whitney said. “But once I tell them they’re twins, they get so tickled. They get a lot of pictures from people.”

As they’ve gotten older, the girls appear more distinctly different. Jarani’s skin is a darker, stunning brown, and Kalani’s eyes are a deeper, dazzling blue. Nevertheless, the sisters still have the same jubilant little smile.

Whitney says as they’ve gotten older they have also developed contrasting personalities.

“Kalani is a very active girl and loves to explore what she can,” Whitney said. “Jay is still our laid-back child that would rather have a banana over bouncing a ball. She has more of the chill personality. I love being their mom. Our local town calls them the celebrity babies!”

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