Meghan Markle’s former classmate releases letter meghan wrote to her 20 years ago


It seems Meghan Markle, freshly minted Duchess of Sussex, has always had an encouraging, kind heart. The Duchess has been inspiring people for decades, as confirmed by a classmate who went to high school with Markle during the ’90s.

Michelle Fanara met Meghan Markle on a class trip in high school.

Fanara, shy and withdrawn, wanted to kind of melt into the background during the trip, but Markle wouldn’t allow it.

“I wanted to retreat into my own shell and Meghan was like, ‘No, you can’t do that,’” Fanara told Inside Edition. “And she kept pulling me out of my shell.”

Markle insisted that Fanara was on the trip for a reason and that she should enjoy herself.

Little by little, Markle began to draw Fanara out of hiding and into the community.

DUBLIN, IRELAND – JULY 11: Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visit the Dogpatch startup hub in Dublin on the final day of their trip to Ireland on July 11, 2018, in Dublin, Ireland.

Markle even wrote Fanara a letter in 1999, a letter that Fanara has treasured for almost 20 years. The full contents of the letter will be revealed on Inside Edition on July 11.

While we are still waiting to hear all of Markle’s words, Fanara gave viewers a sneak peek into the inspiring, encouraging letter.

“Dear Michelle, you are so strong and so wonderful,” Markle began.

Well, that’s enough for me. The Duchess long ago summed up her humanitarian, compassionate character in just one sentence.

The Duchess is now well-known for her humanitarian heart, a way of living she learned from her mother, Doria Ragland. It turns out, Ragland’s schooling has come in handy for the princess, big time.

Fanara is now a martial arts instructor.

She’ll never forget the timid version of her high school self, and the princess who saw something more, waiting to be drawn out.

She has kept the letter tucked away for nearly two decades. Fanara cherishes Markle’s words because of how they made her feel.

“It made me feel special,” Fanara said. “She didn’t have to write me a letter, but she did.”

“I am here if you ever need me,” the cursive, hand-written letter concluded. “I love you — Meghan.”

Markle fans are chomping at the bit to hear the full letter. It appears the princess has indeed always had that Markle Sparkle.