Meet Nutmeg, the Oldest Cat In The World! He Is Celebrating His 31 Birthday! Happy Birthday, Cutie!


The oldest cat in the world has just celebrated his 31st birthday (the equivalent of 141 human years). Can you believe it?

Cat named Nutmeg chose his owners himself, appearing at their backyard about 26 years ago. Loving owners Liz and Ian Finlay took the cat in 1990 after he had made friends with their cat Spice. When they brought him to the vet to treat an abscess on his neck, the owners were told that the cat would not be able to get along for more than five years. Therefore, Nutmeg had lived out 31years. And you know what? He feels great!


Last year Nutmeg suffered a severe stroke, but he recovered.


“He is not our cat, and we are his people, and he never allows us to forget about it. Maybe this is the secret of his long and happy life,” says Liz.


Officially the oldest cat in the world is 26-year-old cat Velvet from Oregon. To qualify for the Guinness Book of Records, the owners have to present documents to prove their cat’s age. Liz and Ian are working on it right now.

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