Many love this delicious drink. But after I saw this 34-year-old’s photos, I was sick.


Barbara Kline from New York loves to drink coconut water. She normally buys her favorite drink in Tetra Paks, which means she can’t see what’s inside until she pours the water into a glass. Last month, this led to a nasty surprise: «I swallowed a big clump. It was really nasty and it tasted really thick,» she remembers. Barbara cut open the package and made a horrifying discovery.

She found an unidentifiable, gray mass and thought to herself, «The legs, they’re legs. There’s definitely something other than mold in there.» She was convinced that she had found a squid-like creature in her drink.


What happened next was horrible: «I started vomiting. I was vomiting, I’d say a good couple days — a week — then I had diarrhea.» The product manufacturer has since responded to the situation: «What Ms. Kline encountered was random spoilage and does not pose a health risk. What she claims she found is the result of either leaving the package opened and unrefrigerated; or her opening an already damaged beverage unit.»

But Barbara isn’t satisfied with this explanation and wants to have the strange «creature» tested. «I just want answers. I want answers. I want to know what it is,» explained Barbara. Hopefully Barbara gets those answers, but in the meantime one thing’s for sure: coconut water won’t be included on her shopping list from now on!