Man surprises wife with her own pregnancy announcement


As the parents of three little boys, Tim and Rachel Brummel led an interesting life.
Tim is currently a worship leader at the Revolution Church and also works as a realtor. In their free time, he and Rachel are avid YouTubers, often posting parenting advice videos and chronicling the adventures of their day-to-day life. A few years ago, however, Tim posted what would soon become their most popular video yet.

In the video, Tim says he discovered his wife was pregnant— even though he’d had a vasectomy.
“About six weeks ago, Rachel acted a little bit pregnant,” he said.

“She was tired a lot, a little bit more hungry than normal, even. Felt a bit nauseous.”

“So we joked about it, but we knew she couldn’t be pregnant.”


Turns out, however, the joke was on them. Tim soon realized he’d never received the results after his five-month checkup. When he phoned the doctor’s office, he was met with some striking news:

“It turns out my procedure wasn’t successful, and they forget to tell me.”
Now, knowing pregnancy was a distinct possibility, unbeknownst to Rachel, Tim was determined to discover the truth. So, he came up with a clever ploy. One night, Tim disabled the toilet so it wouldn’t flush. The next morning, after his wife used it, he used the urine in the bowl to do a pregnancy test.

As he had suspected, Rachel was, indeed, pregnant— but what made their circumstance unusual was the fact that Dad was the first to know.

To let his wife know about the pregnancy, Tim planned a little surprise.
He set up a bouquet of flowers on the table. Then, he made an adorable homemade card. It read: “If you ever worried that life would be a bore, put that fear aside, you are now a mommy of four.” Behind the card, he hid the positive pregnancy test.


When Rachel comes home and reads the card, she is (understandably) in disbelief.
She laughs in shock before saying “Shut up!” Then she looks between the test and Tim with wide eyes. At first, she seems to think the whole thing is a prank.

After Tim explains the scenario, she’s so emotional, she laughs and cries.
The rest of the video follows the couple as they learn the baby’s gender and announce the news to their family.
In February of 2017, The Brummels’ give birth to a fourth son named Merrit. In their vlog video description, Tim said: “We chose this name because the English meaning of Merrit is ‘Little famous one.’ It seemed fitting!”

“So cool how this story has been seen by so many people.”

“We know Merrit is no accident and God has big plans for him!”

Since being uploaded online, Tim’s pregnancy announcement has been viewed over 10 million times.
Initially many people accused Rachel of cheating. So many, in fact, that Tim felt compelled to order a DNA test. And in case you were wondering, Merrit is, indeed, his son.


As mentioned, the Brummels often post videos on YouTube. To keep up with the family’s adventures, be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel, ‘The Brummel Bunch‘.

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