Man Runs Onto School Grounds To Pick Up Teenage Son. But Dad Is Only Wearing A Tiny Speedo


Parents can often do or say the most embarrassing things. I’ve definitely dropped my head in my hands after my dad has cracked a stupid joke.

Nevertheless, that is why we love them. Even when they embarrass us, they can still manage to make us laugh!

One Oklahoma dad has proved that some parents will go very far just to pull a joke on their kids.

Justin Beadles wore a Speedo, swim cap, and some gold medals (real or fake) to pick up his teenage son on his last day of junior high. He ran right onto school grounds in his little getup!

He tweeted a video of the pickup and used the hashtag “parenting goals” to add even more humor to the already funny event. After he posted it on May 23, 2017, his video earned over 26 million views in just a few days.

His son seemed amused, if not fairly embarrassed, in the video as his dad came running at him, screaming, “Jack!” while car owners honked their horns at him. Have you ever done anything like this to embarrass your kids?

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