Man rescues baby chimp, then camera captures unbelievable sight during take off


Helicopter pilots are lucky enough to see all sorts of glorious views from their perch high up in the sky. But, sometimes the best views are the ones that are taken right from the cockpit, like the one filmed inside pilot Anthony Caere’s chopper. He went on a daring rescue to nab an orphaned chimpanzee from the clutches of poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With the help of Lwiro Primates and Virunga National Park, Anthony was able to save the sweet baby from becoming a victim of the illegal wildlife trade market, and fly him to safety. The captured footage sends quite the message.


Once Mussa was «secured» inside the chopper, Anthony quickly realized that the flight home to the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center wasn’t going to go exactly as he had planned. Like all kids on a road trip, Mussa didn’t want to sit still. He was laying inside a basket behind Anthony’s head, but the little tyke wanted out and decided to hop into the empty seat next to his hero. Anthony can be heard soothing the orphan with soft whispers, who was almost certainly missing his mother.


As Mussa sat in Anthony’s lap, the cheeky chimp decided to play a part in his own rescue! Once he knew he was in safe hands, Mussa quickly settled down into Anthony’s lap, and even helped co-pilot the trip home! Anthony took time to make Mussa feel like part of the family by grooming his messy fur, just like his mother would have done. Watch the video below to see the cutest flying duo since Top Gun! Awww, this is so sweet!