Man On His Deathbed Says He Saw God And He Gave Him A Warning For All. Here’s What He Said (video)


When an elderly gentleman was on his deathbed, he received a vision from God. Not only did the creator visit Mr. Herbert Broome during his last minutes on Earth, he gave the man a message that Broome was able to transmit to every one of us. Broome utter his last words to the eager people at his bedside. He told them he had been visited by God and that he had a message to share with the world. They eagerly penned down everything he said – and you can read this man’s dying words below.

With his last breaths, Broome got straight to the point. He didn’t have anymore time to waste and after the visitation from God, he knew how he needed to spend his final moments on the planet – by inspiring others to accept the teacher of Jesus Christ.

Broome urged all others – those by his bedside included – to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. He urged them to turn away from the lures and addictions of materialism and the ways of sin.

While the audio in the video of Broome’s last words is tough to hear clearly, you can turn it down and simply read the caption. Those words capture the dying man’s intent to follow God’s path perfectly. They are, in essence as Broome states, directly from God himself.

As you’ll see in the video, the filmmaker says that Broome passed away shortly after the video was recorded. His family promised him to share the message of Jesus’ power with everyone on the internet. The video has been published twice. In the first recording shared on YouTube nine years ago, more than 1 million people watched. Now, in this one, hundreds of thousands leaned in to hear Broome’s final words.

Here is some of what Broome said from his deathbed after being visited by God.

“If you had seen what I saw in the hospital, there would be no doubt in your mind forever, because hell is so terrible so awful. It goes as far as eternity, forever & ever. Once you’re in hell, you’re in hell.

“The Lord gave me a glimpse of heaven and I saw an angel. I saw my guardian angel. And also a glimpse of hell. And I’m telling you now, please listen, Hell is so bad, so awful , you have no idea how bad hell is.”
What do people like you have to say about this clip? Here are some of the most popular comments shared on YouTube:

“I believe in this but for those skeptics , I study human psychology and kinetics at North Carolina state university, all his facial movements and voice tonalities and syllabus spaces reflect that of person who is telling the truth.”

“Every one of us has a choice. God gave us free will to choose from what’s right and what’s wrong, between blessings and curses and between Life or Death. God don’t force us to Obey Him but warned us if we choose to disobey and it’s eternal consequences.”

What do you make of this man’s dying words? Are you inspired?

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