Man Massively Injured When Falling From The Tree. His Dog Was Lying On His Body And There Was No One Who Could Take Him Away


Lots of people have pets they love and care about. Of course, they get this love back, but sometimes there are situations when we can clearly see how dear and near owners are for their pets.


One day this man, Jesus Hueche, was pruning a tree in his garden when he fell and received some bad injuries. For some time the man couldn’t come round, and the dog apparently didn’t understand what was going on. He was afraid of losing his daddy. The man couldn’t move, and his loyal dog was there for him all the time, lying on him. The animal didn’t leave him even for a second, especially when paramedics came and were trying to put a neck brace.


It was also hard to keep the animal from the car of paramedics when the time came to drive the patient to the hospital. Though, the separation of Tony and his daddy was not long because his injuries appeared to be not very serious and soon they were happy to enjoy the company of each other.


Tony has become a real celebrity, and the photo of him lying on Jesus Hueche has gone viral since then. Both the dog and the owner were invited to a radio program to tell their story. It appeared the Jesus found the strayed dog and took him home. It was the best decision he’s ever made.

Posted by on Montag, 15. Mai 2017