Man Just Cannot Hold Back Tears As He Reunites With Dog After Horrific Tornado Hit


A family never thought they would see their beloved dog again after he got lost during a terrible tornado.
When they finally found him two days later, it was a tearful reunion. The dad, fighting hard and failing to hold back his tears said, “I really don’t know what else to say. I am just glad my dog is back.”
The tornado happened in Van, Texas and it not only destroyed homes, it took lives too. As the family was driving to safety and escape the storm, the tornado caught up with them, destroying their truck.
Their truck was hit by the strong winds, causing it to flip over. Agitated and afraid, their dog, Tater, ran off. The family was able to make it to the hospital to make sure they did not suffer any serious injuries.

Two days later, they returned to the truck and were every delighted to find Tater waiting for them.
The dad, most especially, was very emotional at seeing his beloved pet again. It is hard not to tear up while watching his reaction. He never expected that Tater would be waiting for him. He was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to find him there.
Watch the heartwarming video below.