Loved-one’s ashes memorialized in beautiful glass art keepsake


When someone dear to us passes away, we always find ways to preserve the best memories we have of them. We tend to keep their pictures or some of the things they have given us. Most times, we also reminisce about the happy times we have shared with them.

There are some people who visit the grounds where their loved one was buried, others keep the cremated ashes in the most beautiful urn they can find — just to safeguard what remains of the person they loved.

Now, your deceased loved one could be commemorated through a new way commonly referred to as cremation glass art, and it is one of the most beautiful ways one can keep their dear departed family members and even beloved pets that passed away.

The process of this special glass art involves getting just a tablespoon of the person’s ashes and integrating it into one-of-a-kind glass art. The families of the departed person will get to choose the perfect glass art design they want the person to be preserved in, forever.

The family will get to decide on the design, color, size, and shape of the glass art. Although most glass arts are heart-shaped or round-shaped, some cremation glass art companies can mold it into a specific, unique shape of your choice. For an instance, there’s a client who has requested for the ashes of her deceased pet cat to be incorporated in a cat-shaped glass art.

And, the glass art doesn’t necessarily have to be in sizes of usual sculptures or figurines, they can even be made as pendants for necklaces so they can be taken anywhere.

The cremation glass art process takes about two weeks to be completed and sent back to the family.

Here are some of the finest glass arts from various cremation glass art companies:


This heart with swirls design was one of the glass arts courtesy of Artful Ashes, a glass art company based in Seattle.


Spirit Pieces, another glass art company in Austin, Texas, makes paperweight sparkly glass arts.


Twirls and sparkles are one of the most common designs of cremation glass arts, but this one from Spirit Pieces is unusually beautiful with flowers in its design.


Not only could you change the form and pattern of the glass art itself, you can also add some decoration to it like this exquisite glass art above.


Aside from the standard spherical shape, you can have the cremation glass art made into a special, flame-shaped one.

…or turn it into small pendants so you can wear it with your necklace and take your loved one with you wherever you go.

Another great thing about cremation glass art is that you can actually participate in the glass art-making process — making it much more special.


Watch how they do it: